Collaborative work with Vidia Anindhita, Daniel Castaño, Arnav Wagh

In Cookie We Trust is an interactive window display that uses the powerful symbol of the fortune cookie to attract and invite people to ask for their future. The interactive installation determines gender, outfit, age, physical features and more of the person who is triggering the experience. This information is used to deliver a fortune based on your persona. A personalized fortune just for you.

Using cutting edge cloud face recognition technology, capacitive sensors, 4K cameras, light, sound systems, and a big fortune cookie, we were able to catch people’s attention and get a smile of every participant. Their surprise was impossible to hide after they read their future and realized the cookie was able to “watch” them. this awareness promotes that people spend minutes taking photos of their fortunes and themselves, improving our visibility in social media.

This project was developed in 3 months including conceptualization, designing, prototyping, user testing, fabrication, and implementation. The experience was installed at 563 – 599 La Guardia Pl, Manhattan, New York, USA for around one week 24/7 and delivered joy to thousands of people.



Interactive window installation is one of the hardest installations to interact with. To engage the audiences, we paid attention to every detail interaction.




In order to bring more value to personalized fortunes, we used facial recognition technology to detect audiences’ faces and categorize them based on the highest confidence rate. This data then will be used to map the categories into our fortunes database. We have hundreds of fortunes for each appearance category. That way, each person will get personalized fortune based on their facial recognition. We used Microsoft Azure API to detect human faces.


1554919261661 copy


The process took about 2 months with the first month for developing the concept. Roughly we took 3 weeks of production from turning the visual sketch into an actual window installation display. The production was very intense from fabricating the giant fortune cookie by cutting woods using CNC machine, creating the cookie surface using foam, making the movement mechanism to open and close the cookie, and developing all physical computing parts; from LED strips, vibration speaker, spotlight, to the linear actuator.







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