Photography Project
My Role: Photography, production, layout design.
Individual workPicture2.jpg

This is a photography project I made to discuss my life story and the differences of Southeastern and Northwestern China, especially the great physical diversity of geography.

My father comes from Fujian, Southeastern China, and my mother lives in a city called Lanzhou which is in the Northwest of China. It takes 9 hours to fly to Lanzhou from his hometown.  As their kid, me, who was born in the South but grew up in the North. I spent almost every holiday visiting and understanding the other hometown. I had never felt belonged anywhere or had a place to really call hometown. Because China is such a huge and diverse country, cultures and lifestyles are very different between these two regions. I could not understand the local dialects, shocked by the cultural conflict and always miss my childhood favorite snacks.

However, now I am an adult, I’m starting to feel the bright side of my identity, I learned how to embrace those diverse backgrounds.Picture3.jpgPicture4.jpgPicture5.jpg1Picture7.jpgPicture8.jpgPicture9.jpg11.jpgpicture1112picture1314



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