3457 Artists of Tate Modern


This visualization project is I did for my Mashups final.

Click here to see.

I used the CSV API provided by the Tate museum, to show all the 3457 artists and the piece of their artworks displayed in Tate. And I also used the Wikipedia API, to tell more biography stories about each artist.



ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Users can move their mouse to check how many artists are born each year.



ezgif.com-crop (4)

Hover over each dots to see the name of the artist and his or her artwork.


ezgif.com-crop (5)

Click the dot, a tooltip shows up. Users can find see a completed image of the art piece and two links.


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

One goes to the artist’s Tate web page, where you can check more artworks of this artist.


ezgif.com-crop (7)

The other brings an iframe window shows the Wikipedia page of the artist, tells more biography stories if you are interested.





The first thing I did is to fix and polish the not so perfect CSV file. For example, I deleted some anonymous or unknown artists because the API couldn’t provide audiences much useful information, I feel there is no point to show them on this project.  I also added some information to the list. I used a Python script to grab all the image URLs of artworks from the artists’ Tate web pages and stored all those links on the CSV table.


Then I used D3.JS to parse each artist to dots and aligned them on a timeline of the year they were born. And used different colors to mark their genders, the green-ish blue dots are male artists, the pink dots represent the female artists, black means unknown gender or organizations.







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