WEEK 5: 2Meterials

Some inspirations: Last Friday, I saw this wire mesh painting in SOHO, the artist cuts and layers wire meshes and creates a unique art piece. And he only used 2 materials: paper and wire mesh. I feel it is very inspiring and perfect for this week’s homework, so I did some research and found more great works.   […]

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Mid Term Project

Title: Luopan INSTRUCTORS: Jeff Feddersen COLLABORATORS: Shawn This mid-term project is a Halloween related project. Since Halloween is essentially a Western holiday, originally celebrated by the Celts to commemorate the dead, however my partner Shawn and I are both Chinese that traditionally never celebrate this day. We have never dressed up in costumes, or trick-or-treated or decorated […]

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Week 4:

  If you are a fan of Big Bang Theory, you must know this Raj’s epic T-shirt: Last week, I really want to recreate it as my weekly assignment and I finished most part of it on weekend. However, today when I was sitting in lounge and working the rest part, I saw so many […]

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