What do I need to make a ShiffmanPiano? 1, Watch and download tons of Dan’s tutorial videos; 2, P5.js skills which you can build during the step1. 3, An optional midi fighter. 4, A cat piano player, this is mandatory. 5, p5 libraries: sound library and midi library 6, Say I love ICM ten times.   […]

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Week 3: Interaction

Kai and I want to keep working on his previous sketch, we made the decision on Friday’s first meeting. We actually came up a few ideas after we viewed some finished homework made by class2017 and 2018,  such as: making a kaleidoscope, or making a very simple interactive interface. The reason why we want to work […]

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Week2 Variables…yay!

This week’s homework is to use variables to create a sketch that includes three kinds code: One element controlled by the mouse. One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse. One element that is different every time you run the sketch We can create new sketches with simpler shapes or just build off […]

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