All the mosaic pixels as a whole paint the landscape of digital surveillance state, which is a blurred image of depersonalization.


We used Facebook to connect with people, share our emotions and feelings, and those emotions made us more human in the digital word. However Facebook don’t see us like a human, for them, we are just a sample set of the big data. They don’t really care who we are, what are our stories. They analyze us and label us, then send us some “targeted ads”.


Just like my project, after the audience’s face got blurred, the image can only offers limited information, you have no way to tell who the person is, what’s she or he feeling now. Maybe you can tell things like “young”,  “woman”, “live in NYC” or “into fashion”. Judging and tagging people in a brutal and superficial way is Facebook did to us, we all know the character of the image is so much more than these tags.

According to Manuel Castells’s The Power of Identity, in this digital age, the biggest threat to our privacy is no longer being watched by the “big brother”. Instead, “little sisters” – some business organizations that have access to our privates – are more relating to our personal lives.

In this project, I want to convey this concept by using image processing skills I learned on Pixel by Pixel class, and create a depersonalized album – Faceblurk.


For the spring show, a surveillance camera will be used to capture the image input and a screen will be used as the monitor output. Every time when someone passing by the camera, their face (and only the face) will be pixelized. Also, a screenshot will be saved and will be displayed on the second screen as a component of Faceblurk. (12)



To view all user images:



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