So, the last project!

I saw this sentence on the page of week7

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.31.57 PM.png

This rule totally makes sense, and I¬†totally agree, but don’t plan to follow it, especially not for the last Fabrication project.

Yes, I am going to build something super unnecessary and super useless, but super funny — a lipstick applying machine!



Simone Giertz¬†— the¬†queen¬†of¬†shitty robots!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.54.57 PM.png

I love Simone and her useless but awesome robots. As a fan of her, I subscribed her on Youtube and watched all her videos, among all the robots, my favorite one is the lipstick robot:

I decided to make a similar but portable one as my final project. I plan to remove all the heavy metal arms instead of using light transparent acrylics and using a suction cup to stick it on a mirror.


For the mechanism part, I found this gif picture which is very helpful for me to understand and design the motions.


Prototype 1: cardboard + nails + Arduino kit 6v motor

Conclusion: 3v motor is useless! It’s just¬†soooooo¬†weak, can lift nothing!!!!!!!


Prototype 2: 6mm acrylics + screws +stepper motor + things I found on workshop

Since the 6v motor is so weak, I dug my toolbox and found a stepper.

Kapture 2017-10-18 at 13.45.51.gif

It works!!!! However, the biggest disadvantage of using a stepper is I have to link a stepper driver and an Arduino¬†board to my project. It just caused too many trouble: the wires are so messy, the micro-controller may be destroyed by accident…. So I decided to improve the second prototype and make the final one

So I decided to improve the second prototype and made the final one:

Final work: Transparent Acrylic + Low-Speed 6v motor + Screws


How to attach the motor to acrylic? I tried two different ways.

a,¬† something’s holder:


not very stable.

b, customized holder :

motion track test

Balance the height of two sides.

The color is called crazy cranberry…. if anyone is curious….

I attached everything to a mirror-ish board….



I really like the details of this low-speed motor.


How it works?

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User test:

the user(myself) says this machine is fantastic!



To Ben:

I still remember you asked us what’s our¬†favorite thing we built by¬†ourselves at the first class, my answer was I had never built anything ever. But only 7 weeks later, I made so many practical/funny/beautiful things! The feeling of holding a physical project is so satisfied!

Thank you for giving us the amazing 7 weeks! I had so much fun!


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