IMG_4543A portable one with a magnifying screen and a timer to tell you how long you spent on watching youtube or Netflix.

IMG_5847 copy


I recently realised that before I came to ITP, I spent way too much time on watching Netflix every week. I like watching videos just like I liked watching TV when I was young. And time flees when you are having fun. The next you check your watch, guess what, 3hours passed.

So I want to make this Pcom project that a timer will be one the top of your screen, reminding you how much time you wasted every second.

I want to make an enclosure like one of those old fashion TV sets, the kind I used to owned when I was a kid.






Illustrator and 5 cardboard prototypes.

Engraving on the back of bamboo box.

using ben saw and sanding machine to cut the magnifier sheet.

Inner details.

Timer Screen and cellphone.



magnified screen.


I used a piece of reflective window film to pretend the silver screen when I’m not using it.

IMG_5847 copy


Press button to start counting.




One thought on “ Week4: Enclosure ”

  1. Great work. I love that you etched the back of the box to look like an old TV, nice touch.

    The look of the lens, the controls, and the etching on the front are a polished design. How is the lens attached to the front panel? How does the front panel stay in the box?

    I think you might need a deeper wooden box to get more magnification of the phone screen. Perhaps you could experiment with some other boxes.


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