If you are a fan of Big Bang Theory, you must know this Raj’s epic T-shirt:

Last week, I really want to recreate it as my weekly assignment and I finished most part of it on weekend. However, today when I was sitting in lounge and working the rest part, I saw so many really similar works, like Shawn’s doing a project that turning the potentiometer to change musics, and he even choose the same music piece as I did: the star war entrance music. So I decided to change my project to my plan B: a banana piano. But I will still post the processes of my epic T-shirt here.

Banana Piano:

I am a fan of the queen of shitty robots — Simone Giertz, and I watched every video she posted on her Youtube. When us were told to make an instrument I immediately thought of one of her video: she and Norm had a banana slapping contest by using a controller called Makey Makey.

Banana is delicious, is easy to get, we all love it, and the most important is banana is a perfect conductor.

The code and the circuit is not complicated at all, the function I used is the basic analog input/output and tone():





Since I didn’t get the chance to buy bananas(I will have them tomorrow), I used cooper tape as the conductor to test the circuit and it works:


Then I tried nuts:


One hand holds the GND wire and the other hand touch the nut, music plays.

Banana test:





Music T-shirt:

Firstly, I viewed the tutorial Tom and Jeff made, and the Melody() reference page of Arduino website.

About the music, I want to use three pushbuttons and press each to play a piece famous, dramatic background music, such as Star Wars Imperial March, symphony No.5 and an incorrect sound effect. Because I don’t want to used other people’s work, I translated all the music notes to the notes Arduino can understand:




I used 3 if sentences to let each button to trigger each piece music:


music test (without button)

I didn’t have the final test video of this half-made project yet, but I will shoot and post it tomorrow. I want to finish it, just not as a assignment, so here are more debug works to do.

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