I am a fan of Tested and Simone Giertz, love all the works they do,  watched tons of their videos. So the second I know we need to make a laser cut, I immediately thought of one work of theirs.

In this episode,  guest artist Jen Schachter used Adobe Illustrator to create a vectorizing  lego piece images.


I think the idea of making something 3D is very interesting, so I decided to use this concept to create something myself.

And if I am making something 3D, it must be about my favourite game Monument Valley.


So the first thing I did is using Illustrator to draw a vectorizing images.  Then I separate the layers:


Cardboard test cut:

6mm woodboard:

The results:


And since there are some wood boards left, I also made a wooden arduino micro controller:


A update of last week’s homework: since I made 5 cat scratch boards and I only have one cat, I gave away the rest 4. Here is some pic and video Camilla sent me, thanks to her my work documentation now is more completed!

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)unnamed

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DIY scratching pad by Chelsea Chen 😻 @itp_nyu

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And Ben, why you never commented my post? 😦

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