Homework: make 5 exact same things.



Last week, I made a flashlight which is super useful. It is not just a homework for me, I actually enjoy using it, and now safely lies on my night table everyday. So I feel that instead of making some just beautiful or funny one-time thing, build a practical tool I might use in real life will be a good idea.

Soon(next month), I will welcome the cutest baby kitten home, I think why not take this chance to make a cat scratch board for him?



Now I have a new habit after I came to ITP — looking for good staff in junk.

I found those great wood board in the dumpsters of Tisch:

and ordered 3 rolls 1/4-inch by 100-feet sisal rope on Amazon.





At the beginning, I planed to use screwdriver to twist 2 screws on each side of the main board, but I tried and realised the boards are way too thick.


I ruined the top surface of screw and be burned by it….. Seriously, do not touch it, it is sooooooooo hot.

So, I changed plan, firstly drill two holes on each board individually and then use screws to tie them.

I used the 4.36mm bit.

using the two screws to mark the right positions.








A update of last week’s homework: since I made 5 cat scratch boards and I only have one cat, I gave away the rest 4. Here is some pic and video Camilla sent me, thanks to her my work documentation now is more completed!

unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (2)































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