Why Flashlight?

Because we all love our grandmother!


Circuit diagram:




Since Ben asked us be sustainable, the first stop of my material hunting journey is the junk shelf of ITP. I found batteries, buttons and all kinds wires. However I didn’t find the perfect container for my circuit.


But later of that day, when I was in the UX Designing class, our instructor Daniel couldn’t find a not dry out marker to write his notes on the whiteboard. You know that “Aha!” moment when you’re hit with the answer to a tough question? That’s it! I realised I could recycle those dry-out markers to build my flashlight!  It is sustainable and convenient — I can have a bunch of them easily and I don’t even need to punch or drill a light bulb hole.


The rest materials and tools I prepared (naively thought will be enough at the beginning).



Let begin to work:


The ideal sketch


Cruelly dismember the marker.

At the beginning, i thought use tape to wrap all parts together. And it actually worked like 10min, but the ends of wires were getting looser and looser, the light went off constantly. I realised using tape is easier but may not keep this flashlight working till next class.

I decided to give up tapes and try solder the wires together. Thank Shawn and Yuhao, they really helped me a lot!





Some thoughts:

  1. Building a object in not easy, though it may look like easy.
  2. Be prepared to failure, accept and embrace it.
  3. Give yourself enough time to be fail.
  4. Feel free to ask/cry for help, just grab the nearest person around you, all ITPers are insanely nice and helpful!
  5. Aways check the junk shelf first when you need materials!






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